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Make-Up Air

Make-Up Air units are designed to replace exhaust air by bringing in fresh outdoor air into the space and heating or cooling it to the desired condition and discharge the conditioned or tempered air into the building. At the same time when properly designed, a make-up air system provides building pressure thus eliminating negative building pressure and the problems caused by negative pressure. Make-Up Air (MUA) systems are the preferred HVAC and IAQ design solution in industrial spaces because all industrial spaces use ventilation and exhaust, so make-up air (replacement air) is always needed. Incorporating heating and/or cooling into the make-up air system reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental building heating and cooling, thus reducing overall HVAC equipment and energy costs.

Selecting Make-Up Air Systems

Without replacement air (make-up air), building exhaust struggles to draw air into the building through every crack, door and window possible at a rate equal to the air it exhausts. Paint booths and manufacturing process is evaluated to select the most efficient system for your application.Our team at Vortex will help you with system design and selection keeping your facility balanced.

Benefits of Make-Up Air for Industrial Buildings

● Automatic management and control of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Temperature and building pressure. 

● Boost worker comfort and productivity, consistent space temperature, eliminate cold drafts.

● Outdoor Air/Fresh Air code compliance.

● 100% efficient direct-fired combustion for low operating cost.

● Reduce overall heating and ventilating cost. Make-up air corrects multiple building comfort, compliance and mechanical HVAC and ventilation performance failures.

● Eliminate negative air pressure in the building.

● Improve performance of building exhaust systems & eliminate haze and indoor air polluting particulates.

● Augment existing ventilation systems and assists dust collector operation.

● Remedy dangerous carbon monoxide and byproduct back-drafting of vent chimneys of other building HVAC units.

● Prevent untempered building air infiltration and drafts.

● Diffuse and eliminate unwanted process odors.