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Vortex Pneumatics is a leading one stop dust collection design, manufacture and installation services, with products for innovative and demanding applications in a wide range of industries. Our expert team is ready to meet all the clients’ metal manufacturing and steel products requirements and is committed to the premium customer service, the highest safety, and environmental standards.

Along with our clients, we strive to improve our company’s long-term journey, enhancing remote and local markets, our field, and numerous powerful industries, such as engineered lumber, sawmill industry, renewable energy sector, mining industry, and many others.

Vortex Pneumatics meets the growing requirements of increasingly efficient standards for industrial construction and safety, develops and researches new solutions, and sets standards for equipment selection and flow modeling. Our intensive research and development provide the foundation for our continued success.


We’re proud of our people, culture, and products we manufacture. We’re committed to helping our customers succeed, developing our people, protecting our communities, and making our business more sustainable. We strive to achieve maximum performance in production capabilities, sustain production excellence, and profitable outputs.

Vortex provides the highest level of safety, professionalism, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers. We will do this by:


Being flexible and easy to work with – this means being adaptable, compassionate, proactive, and competitive.


Creating new relationships and strengthening current relationships – this means being friendly, trustworthy, and engaging.


Working collectively to drive changes – with effectiveness and enthusiasm that stimulate service and product development.


Doing what we say – this means being honest and reliable.


Managing business ethically is important to the long-term success of our company. The basis of our ethical culture, here at Vortex, is the Code of Ethical Business Conduct. We demand that our employees and directors take a great responsibility to do what’s right. This means more than just complying with regulations and laws.

This means the following:

• Taking responsibility for the safety of ourselves and others;
• Treating others with dignity and respect;
• Protecting the environment;
• Managing business with ultimate integrity;
• Assuring that financial reports are accurate and safeguarding confidential information;
• Properly using and protecting company assets;
• Running business legally and honestly.

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