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Mechanical Separation filtration

We can deliver even the complex separation solutions

When you need to capture heavy particulate that’s larger in size, your best option may likely be a cyclone collector or classifier. These mechanical separation filtration devices are widely used as part of wood dust collection systems, such as in cabinet or furniture making. In these industries, heavy particulate would stick to traditional dust collector filters easily, but cyclones and classifiers don’t use filters. Rather, centrifugal force pushes particulate to the edge of the device and into the hopper.And while the equipment tends to be sold off-the-shelf, you don’t have to settle on standard options. At Vortex, we’ll build a cyclone dust collector or classifier to fit your need and space.

How do industrial cyclones work?

Cyclone collectors are widely used by cabinet makers and other commercial woodworking facilities because they handle larger particulate. The air that enters the cyclone is spun on a vertical axis. Clean air exits through the top of the device. Cyclones are often more efficient than classifiers and have a larger pressure drop across them.

Cyclone Dust Collector and Cyclone Classifier Benefits

Because these devices are smaller than other dust collectors, they also cost less. You also don’t need compressed air to clean filters or have the hassle of changing filters. And because cyclones and classifiers capture larger particulate, they are also good as pre-separators. For example, if you have a large material you want to reclaim in your production process, we’ll install a cyclone within your line to remove that material from the airstream so you can put it back in your process.

Vortex Cyclone Dust Separation Done Differently

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all cyclone collectors. Compared to standard collectors that you may buy off the shelf, we build ours with heavier-gauge materials that are chosen based on your need. Do you have abrasive dust? We’ll fabricate with metals that withstand wear and tear. Is there moisture in your process? We’ll protect your equipment with insulation.And when a standard cyclone collector can’t meet your space requirements, an Vortex collector will. Space limitations are no match for our engineering and design team.